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Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Lost Sheep

In today's Gospel, Jesus tells the parable of the Lost Sheep.

What's a parable again Cloë?

A parable is a type of story that Jesus would tell his followers to teach them a lesson, especially about how great God's love is.

Oh like the parable of the Prodigal Son.

Exactly. Today's parable is about a shepherd who goes looking for a stray sheep.

I would be very good at looking for lost sheep. Did you know Cloë that the Belgian Malinois, which is what I am, is often used for search and rescue. See I think I hear a lost squirrel (hee!hee!)

Tallulah are you sure you would not just chase the poor sheep if you saw it?!

O.K. maybe you are right, but then I'd go find him again.

Getting back to our parable, here is a very good video that tells the whole story of how the sheep was lost and then found.

(youtube link:

So Tallulah, what is the lesson today?

Well Cloë I think it is that Jesus loves each person so much that He will not stop hoping that everyone will accept Him as their friend. And that even if someone has made a mistake, Jesus just wants them to be sorry and to come and be His friend again.

Very good Tallulah, obviously you were listening at Mass today.

Thank you Cloë, that is why God gave me such big ears!! Notice how big they are!


Cloë and Tallulah

P.S. All the great clipart comes from Phillip Martin. Be sure to check out his website.

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