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Saturday, 11 October 2014

What If Nobody Came

Hey Cloë I still cannot believe that nobody wanted to go to the party that the King was throwing for his son's wedding!

I mean just think of all that great food that they missed out on.

Tallulah, the point of Jesus' parable was not the food!

It wasn't?

No. Jesus was trying to tell the apostles and the people that God is inviting everyone to His home, but unfortunately many are just not interested. Kind of like the wedding guests in the parable who all decided they had more important things to do than help the king celebrate his son's wedding. 

How can people say no to God, I mean He is God.

Faith is a gift Tallulah, and sadly not everyone accepts the gift.

I sure hope all our readers know a good thing when they see it and hear it.

I couldn't agree more Tallulah! And here is a neat little prayer to pray so that we never forget that gift.

Dear God,
We know that you have invited us into your presence. Help us to accept your life-changing invitation by living lives of love and caring.

Finally, here is one of the Go Fish Songs called Rise and Shine. The people in this video definitely appreciate their gift!


Cloë and Tallulah

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