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Monday, 24 June 2013

St. John the Baptist: Jesus' Cousin

Bonjour les amis! The reason for the French is that today is the Feast of St. John the Baptist and the people of Québec celebrate this holiday in a big way, right Cloë!
Yes they sure do. We saw that yesterday Tallulah because we were at our granny's cottage, which is in Québec. So instead of the regular Sunday Mass they had the Mass in honour of St. Jean Baptiste.
John's mother was Elizabeth who was Mary's cousin, so that made him Jesus' cousin too.
Here is a picture of Mary visiting Elizabeth. Mary was pregnant with Jesus and Elizabeth was pregnant with St. John the Baptist. (Click here to download this picture.)
John is one of the prophets who talked about Jesus being the Messiah.
Woah Cloë! Those are some big words that I don't understand. What is a prophet and what is the Messiah?
Well Tallulah, a prophet is someone that God spoke to and who then told the Jewish people about the person who would come to save them from the people who kept throwing them off their land.
The person the prophets were talking about was called the Messiah. Messiah is a Hebrew word that means the leader who will save the people.
St. John the Baptist was the last of the prophets to tell the people about the Messiah, because of course Jesus had been born and was now ready for the people to know that He was the Messiah.
Here is a picture to colour that shows John telling the people about Jesus the Messiah. (Click here to download the picture.)
Cloë I always like videos because they help me better understand these stories. I found both a short one and a longer one.
Here is the link if you can't see this video:
Here is the link if you can't see the video:
Well that is it for today - Bonne St-Jean-Baptiste! Woof!
Cloë and Tallulah

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