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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Prophet #4: Jeremiah

Hey Cloë what happened to #3 Isaiah?

Don't you remember Tallulah it was -25C yesterday morning so it was too cold to hang outside of Mass.

Oh yeah I forgot. So when will we talk about Isaiah?

He comes up again in a few weeks so we'll talk about him then. Today we are going to talk about Jeremiah.

Jeremiah was a prophet more than 600 years before Jesus was born. 

As you know God had chosen the Jewish people to be His people. Unfortunately they not only began to forget about God but they started worshiping a god named Baal. Worshiping Baal meant that many people started to offer their children to this god - and let's just say it was not pretty. 

I don't understand Cloë how can the people just forget about God?

Sadly it's not that hard Tallulah. Just look around you. When things are going well people are often having so much fun they forget that God is still there and that He has given them everything.
Jeremiah's job was to remind the people that God was always there waiting for them. He also told them that until they remembered God all kinds of bad things were going to happen. 

Gee that doesn't sound like God was being very nice. 

No Tallulah it was not God doing these things, it was the people bringing the problems on themselves. Bad things were happening because they were not following the rules that God had given them because he loved them and he did not want them to get hurt. 
But they thought they knew better. 

I bet the people did not like what Jeremiah was telling them.

That's right Tallulah. Many were trying to get him because they were not happy with what he was saying. They even threw him in a well at one point.

Click here to watch a slide show about Jeremiah and learn more about him.

Here is a beautiful stained glass window that shows our four prophets so far. Isaiah (who we will talk about soon), Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel.


Cloë and Talluah

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