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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Summer is coming!

It's a beautiful sunny day today! We are very happy since yesterday we got so wet during our morning walk.
One of the things we like to do during the lazy summer months is to catch up on our reading.
Today we got an email with a list of some interesting books that we wanted to share with you.

Book #1 - St. John Bosco and His Big Gray Dog by Hayley Medeiros

It is hard to believe that anyone would have ever wanted to hurt good Father John Bosco. He helped so many people. But there were times when his life was in danger. During those times, a very special guardian would appear to protect him. In this way, God saved the holy priest from harm so he could complete his mission and help children come to know God.

Book #2 - The Story of Job by Regina Doman
Once Upon a Time there was a man named Job. And Job loved God. And God loved Job. After a catastrophic family tragedy, Regina Doman told her children the Story of Job. Now in a book with child-friendly illustrations, the story is prepared to help other parents and kids explore the question: Why does God allow good people to suffer?

Book #3 - Miraculous Me by Ruth Pendergast Sissel

What thoughts crossed your mother's mind the first time she saw you? What dreams did your father hold in his heart? Told from the perspective of a baby in utero whose parents are seeing the ultrasound picture for the first time.

All of these books can be ordered online, click here. Or better yet if you live near Cornwall, Ontario ask mom and dad to take you to the Catholic Information Centre (146 Chevrier) where they have tons of great books for kids in both French and English.

Happy reading! Woof!

Cloë and Tallulah

P.S. Send us a photo of you reading your favourite Catholic book!

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