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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Trust in the good Lord!

Today we hear the story of Jesus and his friends getting caught in a storm while in their boat. 

I would have been scared too Cloë. I like to swim, but I'm not as good a swimmer as you are.

Well Talllulah, I will confess that I may have been a bit afraid if the boat was being rocked like that. But the important thing is to always trust in God.

So even when life gets rough and you are nowhere near the water,

ask Jesus for help and trust that he's got your back!

For instance, even though I have this incurable disease, Jesus is going to make sure I'm ok right Cloë?!

That's right Tallulah. He does that by giving you a good and caring vet

and a master who makes sure you get your medication.

For all the dad's out there - Happy Father's Day!

And if you still don't have a present for dad, here is an easy idea.

Cloë and Tallulah


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