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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Happy Mom's Day!

We want to wish all the moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day.

A special Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Princess Lucky!

And to our granny! This is a picture of her in Old Jaffa in Israel.

Here is a fun video of kids saying what they love best about their mom. Tell us what you love best about your mommy.

Today is also known as  

What the heck is a vocation Cloë?

God calls all humans to help spread the Good News, but not everyone is asked to do it in the same way. Some boys will grow up to be priests, brothers or deacons. Some girls will grow up to be religious. Most boys and girls will grow up and get married and some will stay single.

How do the humans know which vocation God has chosen for them?

They've got to ask Him of course!

To learn more about vocations you might want to buy one of these dolls. Click here to find out how.

Click here to watch Fr. Richard talk about how he knew God was calling him to the priesthood.

And finally here is a prayer you can pray so that God sends us more vocations.

God, thank you for loving me.
In Baptism you called me by name
to live as your child.
Help all your people to know their call in life.
For your greater glory, raise up generous leaders
to serve as priests, deacons, sisters, and brothers.


Cloë and Tallulah

P.S. Parents, the role you play in your child's future vocation is crucial. Here are a few links to great websites about vocations.

Canada's Hub for Catholic Vocations

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