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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Day 15 of Advent - The Herald

Hi Everybody,

While at Mass today we came up with what we think is a neat idea for our next few blogs. We are going to tell you about the various people who are part of the Christmas story but who we sometimes forget about.

Our first person is the main character in today's Gospel - John the Baptist. So what do you know about him Tallulah?

Well I think that his mom and dad were Elizabeth and Zechariah. And since Elizabeth was Mary's cousin it must make John the Baptist and Jesus cousins!
That's right Cloë. What else do you know?

I know that when Mary went to visit Elizabeth, when they were both pregnant, that John moved inside his mommy's tummy because he could sense that Jesus was near.

And when John and Jesus were grown men, he told the people about God. And oh yeah, isn't he the guy who baptized people including Jesus?!

Very good Cloë. One of the most important things that John the Baptist did was to tell the people that Jesus was the king that they had been waiting for. That was Sunday's Gospel and what we see in this video.

So is a herald a messenger?

Before we go forgot to write about Saint Lucy, whose feast day was on Saturday, December 13th. That day holds a special place in our heart since our master's niece is named Lucy!

This is a picture of us with Lucy and her brother Cormac. I don't think she was really trying to strangle us I think we were just tired of all that picture taking!


Cloë and Tallulah

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