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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Last Day of Advent

Well Tallulah the waiting is just about over! Tonight we celebrate Christmas Eve.

The waiting has definitely been hard but it's worth it! So who are we talking about today?

Since we are just hours away from the big night I thought we could talk about Joseph. Sometimes he gets forgotten.

Hey I could teach him a thing or two. The trick is to come no matter who is being called and then you don't miss out on anything!

Yeah ok Tallulah. So what do you know about Joseph.

Well I know he was married to Mary and that he was Jesus' dad here on earth.

Those were definitely the important things Tallulah. But remember when we talked about Mary and how the people were talking about her because she was not yet married.

I sure do Cloë.

Well despite that people would talk about him, Joseph also trusted in God and took Mary as his wife. And don't forget that God chose him to look after Mary and Jesus, not only on the long trip to Bethlehem

but to be Jesus' dad while he was growing up.

He sounds like another awesome person! A role model for all father's.

Absolutely Tallulah!

(These are the Fathers and Dads posing with the statue of Saint Joseph while on our master's trip to the Holy Land earlier this year. Hey Cloë there is Father Timothy in the back row!)

Here is a cool idea for something to do during the Christmas season! Why not visit the Oratory in Montreal dedicated to Saint Joseph. And while you are there you can visit their exhibit of crèches.


Cloë and Tallulah

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