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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Faith: God's Gift to All!

Hi on this rainy afternoon. Thankfully the rain did not start until this afternoon after Mass.

So Talluah - what did you learn at Mass today.

Well I was listening to Fr. George very carefully because it was a good homily today. He talked about the great gift that God gave to all humans - FAITH!

That's right Tallulah. He also said that it was not something that you could see or touch the way you can a toy.

The other thing he said Cloë is that the seed of faith is planted at baptism but that it has to be grown through a friendship with God for your whole life!

Pope Francis said that prayer is the breath of faith! And of course it is through prayer that we develop this friendship with God.

Cloë can we tell everybody where we went this afternoon?!

Sure Tallulah!

Well Fr. Claude had a short service to bless the animals. And we got to go. There were other dogs there and even some cats. It was hard, but I was good!

This is a picture of Fr. Claude during the service. See how well I'm listening!

This is Fr. Claude blessing the animals.
This is Cloë and me waiting for our turn.

You certainly were good Tallulah. Finally, here is a video of the story that Father told us about St. Francis and the Wolf.

Bye for now - Woof!

Cloë and Tallulah

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