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Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Halloween is just 8 days away - have you got your costume? We are still thinking about ours.

Well you might be Cloë, but I was thinking of dressing up like a police dog! I don't think it will take much work.

See, I certainly have the jumping up part down pat!

Good one Tallulah! Did you know that Halloween was influenced by Christianity and that the proper way to say Halloween is actually All Hallows' Eve. The reason is because it is the night before All Saints Day and two days before All Souls' Day.

That is interesting Cloë, but enough learning for today. We wanted to share some costume ideas for those who still have not decided.

That's right Tallulah. The saints are an endless source for ideas. Lacy at Catholic Icing has turned these ideas into actual costumes for boys and girls. Click here to see them.

Jennifer Marie at Catholic Inspired also has lots of neat ideas. Click here!

I wonder if there is some kind of saint dog?! I know maybe I could dress up as a Saint Bernard - hee! hee!

What happened to the police dog idea?!

Hey I wan't to keep my options open.


Cloë and Tallulah

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