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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The First Canadian Born Saint

Hi Everybody!

Today (October 16th) we are very excited to present to you the first saint that was born in Canada. Although there are a number of Canadian Saints, Ste Marguerite d'Youville was the first who was actually born in Canada.

Marguerite was born in 1701 in Varennes, Quebec, which is not too far from Montreal. Marguerite married and had 6 children. Sadly by the time she was just 30 years old, her father, her husband and four of her six children had died.

Wow that is terrible Cloë. It must be hard to believe in God when all these bad things happen.

Well Tallulah, for some people it is. But for others, including Marguerite, their belief in God's presence in their lives and of His tender love for every human person grows. Not only did Marguerite's faith increase, but God did some amazing things, through her.

Marguerite and three other women founded a religious association to provide a home for the poor in Montreal. Ten years later, they were allowed to take over the operation of the General Hospital of Montreal. When they took it over, it was in ruins and owed a LOT of money.
Marguerite and her friends were able to bring it back to life so that it was financially secure.

Sadly, a few years later the hospital was destroyed by a fire.

Did she finally give up Cloë?

Not at all Tallulah. She and her friends rebuilt the hospital again! And she and her friends became known as the Grey Nuns of Montreal. They then started to build other hospitals all over Canada.

That is an amazing story Cloë. It also sounds like a great example of PERSEVERANCE!

It certainly is Tallulah, that is why Ste Marguerite d'Youville is one of my favourite saints! She did so much for so many and all with complete trust in God, who she loved as a Father. Now she is a great role model!

Plan a visit with your family to visit the Mother House and Museum of the Grey Nuns.

(It was in this room that Marguerite d’Youville served soup to the poor people of the city.)

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We certainly did. Here are a few pictures.

Playing in the fall leaves!

Helping to carve the turkey!

Pooped out after a long weekend!


Cloë and Tallulah


  1. We play in leaves too. We also love the trampoline. We also like to play soccer.

  2. We love all those things too. Well actually I guess we've never tried a trampoline. Does our master's bed count??