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Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Advent Wreath

Cloë can you tell me what one of the most important symbols of Advent is?

Yes I can, it is the Advent wreath - I can see it through the window of the church.

There are 3 purple candles and 1 pink one. Hey did they run out of purple? Is that why there is a pink candle?

No Tallulah they didn't. Each candle represents 1 Sunday of Advent. In the Church, purple is often associated with preparation, which includes a time of thinking about what we have done wrong and asking for forgiveness.

The pink candle is lit on the 3rd Sunday, which is also called Gaudete Sunday. Pink is a happy colour and it reminds us that Christmas is almost here.

I think everyone should have an Advent wreath!

I agree Tallulah. If they come to the Agora Christmas Market this weekend, they can make one during the What is Advent? workshop.

Hope to see you there!


Cloë and Tallulah

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