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Monday, 17 February 2014

Rules are Not a Bad Thing

Yesterday's readings at Mass sure sounded like just a whole bunch of rules Cloë! I don't like rules.

Whoa there Tallulah, rules are a good thing. If there were no rules there would be chaos.

For instance, if we did away with all the stop signs and the traffic lights and the other road signs, can you imagine how many accidents there would be every day! People would get hurt and maybe even die.

Well I guess you are right, for traffic. But I still don't like rules.

Well what if there were no rules in sports, how would we ever know when the game was over and who won.

Ok maybe rules are good for traffic and sports.

Now let's look at you and me. What if our master let us do whatever we wanted.

Now you're talking.

We would probably be sick or at least very fat if she let us eat whatever and whenever we wanted.

And if she let us run all over the neighbourhood we would probably end up being hit by a car.

Well I guess maybe rules are not all bad.

Exactly Tallulah! And that is why God gives us rules. He loves us and wants us to be safe and His rules tell us how. He does not force us to follow his rules.

Our challenge to you is for the rest of the day, you need to find 3 rules that mom and dad have that are there to keep you safe and happy. Let us know what you come up with.

Here is a short prayer that was part of Sunday's Psalm (119) to help you recognize the goodness of God's rules.

Open my eyes and I shall fix my gaze on the wonders of your Law.
Teach me, Yahweh, the way of your will, and I will observe it.
Give me understanding and I will observe your Law, and keep it wholeheartedly.

Cloë and Tallulah

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