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Monday, 24 March 2014

A Busy Weekend

Wow Cloë we've sure had a busy weekend! On Friday we went for our spa day.

We always look and smell nice when we are done, but I'm not too crazy about that gigantic blow dryer Gina has!

On Saturday, we got to see our friend Alex. It's been so long I was not sure he would recognize us.

But he did Tallulah. He is about to start the last big chunk of treatment. It sounds like it is going to be very tough, but there is no sign of the cancer so we are really happy for him.

And on Sunday we went to Mass.

Did you hear that dog that was in the church Cloë? How come we have to wait outside and that dog doesn't?!

Well Tallulah, that dog is a puppy that is learning to be a guide dog.

What's that?!

That is a dog that is trained to help someone who might be blind, or in a wheelchair, or has autism. A guide dog goes everywhere its master does, including into stores, restaurants and churches. So the dog has to learn to be calm and quiet.

Gee I don't know if I could do that Cloë. I just love socializing and meeting all kinds of people. I guess that is why we have to wait outside the church, right Cloë?!

I think you've got it Tallulah. But we have a good time once our master comes out.

Hey Cloë I think your missing face is up in that picture with Alex - hee! hee!

We hope you all had a good weekend too!

Cloë and Tallulah


  1. Howdy Cloë and Tallulah! Chili here... I'm the Lucky dog that got to go into Church! I just wanted to tell Cloë that she was right, I'm currently in what's called my 'socialization stage' where I have to learn to behave everywhere I go, and not be afraid of anything. I come from the guide dog organization based in Québec called MIRA ( My host family has raised other guide dogs before me and their first dog is now working with a young autistic child. I love being with them, but boy I am excited to be a big girl and go and work.
    We often come down to visit family in Cornwall, perhaps the next time I'm down I can come and see you two!