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Friday, 6 June 2014

Our Day at the Vet

Yesterday our master made us go to the doctor! Because we are dogs, we go to a special doctor called a veterinarian.
(This is not actually Tallulah or our vet, but it kind of looks like the two of them.)

(We are sitting on the bench so that maybe our vet won't realize we are the patients. Maybe he will think we are the humans since benches are for the humans.)

(Oh no, I think I hear him coming!)

I did not have a good time at the vet's at all Cloë! All that poking and prodding and those needles!!

I have to agree with you Tallulah. And the worst thing is that our master seemed to be on the vet's side since she was helping to hold us down! But even though it's awful, I guess it's important so that we stay healthy. And I must say my ear, which has been bothering me, feels much better today.

Now on to happier things!

Tomorrow we want to encourage you to go to Calvary in Green Valley (4172 HWY 34 behind Ste-Marie-de-l'Assomption Parish, about 10 minutes north of Lancaster). There is an open air Mass, then the Way of Light, an Easter Egg Hunt and a picnic.

That sounds like fun Cloë, I hope they are serving hot dogs!

They are Tallulah, unfortunately we won't be there. Our master said she has too much to do and can't watch us, so we have to stay home.

Darn it, we always miss the good things Cloë. I would have loved the Easter Egg Hunt, even though I don't understand why there is an Easter Egg Hunt when Easter was more than a month ago.

As we've talked about before Tallulah, Easter is actually a season that runs for 50 days and traditionally ends with Pentecost, which is this Sunday.

Ok I remember now, but I'm still disappointed that we are not going. But I sure hope everyone else goes, I heard there are lots of neat things to find on this Easter Egg Hunt.

Well that's it for today! Woof.

Tallulah and Cloë

P.S. In case you could not view yesterday's videos, here are the links.

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