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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Another Parish Celebrates Its Feast Day

Wow Cloë I can't believe how many of our parishes are celebrating feast days this month! This is #3.

I agree Tallulah, and we still have one more to go next week.

Today (November 23rd)  is the feast day of St. Columban.

Saint Columban is another of those saints who lived a long, long time ago! He was born in Ireland. He was great evangelizer and travelled throughout Europe to tell people about God.

Hey Cloë isn't that what we are trying to do around here, evangelize I mean?!

Yup, we sure are Tallulah. We want people to know all about God and about how good He is and how much He loves people.

I recognize this church, our master takes us there every once in awhile! OOh and look at all that snow, I love snow.

Here is a prayer to Saint Columban for your collection. It's a prayer that you can pray when you need help telling others about God.

O Blessed Columban, who, in your zeal for the extension of Christ's Kingdom, and the salvation of souls, spent your life in suffering and exile, assist and protect, we humbly ask you, the missionaries of our day, who have devoted their lives to preaching the Gospel throughout the world.

Obtain for them, we beseech you, that prudence and fortitude by which you overcame the dangers which beset your path, and that firm faith and ardent charity which enabled you to endure gladly the privations of this life for the love of Christ.

Assist and protect us, also, dear St. Columban, so to live for God's glory that when our pilgrimage through life is over, we may enjoy with you the eternal rest of heaven through Christ Our Lord.


Cloë and Tallulah

P.S. Does anybody know the 4th church in our diocese that will be celebrating its feast day this month?!

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