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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Another Tax Collector

Cloë, we keep talking about tax collectors, but what are they?

Well Tallulah, today the government is the tax collector. Basically all adults have to give some of the money that they earn to the government. The government then uses this money for all kinds of things like building schools, hospitals and roads.

In Jesus' time, the Romans took over Israel (and many other countries!)

They would make the Israelis pay money to them that would go back to Rome. The even worse thing is that Jews were usually the people who collected those taxes (sometimes called publicans) from the other Jews. And sometimes they would collect extra for themselves.

Boy I bet the people didn't like those tax collectors!

You've got that right Tallulah! They were some of the most hated people. Zacchaeus was one of those tax collectors. So when Jesus told Zacchaeus that He was coming to his house for supper, the followers of Jesus were not very happy!

Watch this video to see what happened.

Wow! Zacchaeus sure changed his attitude.

He certainly did. I think there are two good lessons today. Can you tell us what they are Tallulah?

Well I think one of them must be that Jesus loves everyone. He loves even those who have done something bad. Also He lets us know that it is not too late to be good. I'm not sure of the other lesson Cloë.

The other lesson is that if we let Jesus be our friend, He will make all the difference in our lives!

Here is another version of the story that you could have mom or dad read to you. We love Paul's website so we hope you love it too!

Now it's your turn to help Zacchaeus find his way!

Well that's it for today! Woof!

Cloë and Tallulah

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