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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christ the King

So Tallulah, do you know what is so special about this particular Sunday?

It's very cold out!
Well that is true, but today is a very important feast day - Christ the King. Also this marks the end of the Church year.
Well that is weird, doesn't the year end on December 31st?!

Yes the regular year does, but we are talking about the Church year. You know the way the school year runs from September to June?! Well the Church year begins on the 1st Sunday of Advent and ends on the Feast of Christ the King. 

OOOH that means Christmas is coming.

Whoa Tallulah! Christmas is coming, but we have to prepare for it, that is why we have the period of Advent. But we'll talk more about that next Sunday.

Getting back to this Sunday, the title says it all: Christ is the King.

He is a good king, right Cloë?

Yes Tallulah, He is the best king. He loves all people and He wants only what is best for everyone. And best of all He wants all people to share His Kingdom forever and ever.

So what is this Kingdom?

It's Heaven Tallulah!

Click here for a Word Search to help you remember all these things.

Cloë and Tallulah

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